Picking the Best Baby Name

Now here is a cute baby - what would you name her?Make a list of all the baby names you and your partner like. Write down any name that catches your eye or that pleases you. The list may be a long one, but you will start to narrow down what you like in a name and what you don’t.

Cross off any names that don’t seem to be a good fit or that just don’t click, even though you may have liked them at first. If there are names that come to mind over time, add them to your list.

Look at all types of names. There are popular name choices, celebrity names, those from history, names that reflect a culture or a people, names based on religion… The choices are endless, truly. If you find that you prefer Scottish names, delve deeper for choices. If you like natural-sound names like River or Rain, feel free to explore those selections.

Post the list where you and your partner can see it often. That way, the names will always be in mind, and you will both be able to test them often. Speak the names aloud and see how they sound and patent search on your tongue, match them up with the baby’s last name, and try to find the variations or nicknames your child might end up with.

Being cute, quaint, trendy or clever usually isn’t the best idea. Your baby’s name choice isn’t the time to make a statement, either. Think about how the child will feel growing up with a name like 4Real or Revolution. It may sound cool to the parents or may have some deep meaning they stand for, but the truth is, the child with a name that is too strange is going to have problems all his or her life because of it.

Make sure that contractions and nicknames don’t create other words or phrases that could be uncomfortable. On their own, some baby names sound fantastic. Paired with the last name, they sound like a phrase that memory loss symptom be distasteful or curious. A nickname paired with a last name could spell trouble too. Also, make sure that the initials of the name you choose don’t create a word on their own. Harold Arthur Melbourne becomes “ham” and Heath Smelt spoken aloud sounds like “he smelled”.

Ask the opinions of others. People love to be included in the name search, and they’ll be more than willing to help in the choice. They may love a name you like too, and cement the decision. They may nix a name you thought good and point out reasons why the name isn’t the best choice.

Keep in mind that you have the final choice in your baby’s name. You, your partner and your baby are the ones that will have to live with the name chosen for a very long time. If you feel very strongly about a name you patent search then give it to your baby despite what a family member or friend may think. Of course, do consider the reasons why your friends and family suggest the choice might not be a good one; they have both your and your baby’s best interests at heart.